The Bath Salts

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The Bath Salts transform your common bath time ritual into an experience that softens and relaxes the body while balancing the mind and senses. 

Himalayan salt draws in moisture to the skin while stimulating both circulation and detoxification. A sea salt soak aids to relax your body and soothe discomfort.

Roses are high in vitamin C, pectin and citric acid, and have anti-inflammatory properties. Although roses are known for their symbol of love and aphrodisiac properties, they also aid in harmonizing the senses and cooling you down.

Weight: 5.5 ounces 

Ingredients: Himalayan Sea Salt, Essential oils, Organic Rose Flower


Tips on using The Bath Salts

- Depending on your preference, pour some or all of the bath salts into your hot bath water. Each jar can last for up to 4 baths.

- Some of the pieces of salt are larger than others, and may take a little longer to dissolve.


Vegan + organic skincare made chemical free. Cruelty free. Toxin Free.

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